Simple Genome Maps

Simple maps of the genome can organizations provide low cost delivery of dynamic personalized genetic information at scale .    Test drive a sample genomic map  

DNA Guide - Genome Management Software

Enterprise Genome Mapping Software  - specializing in dynamic maps and reports of genetic data.

DNA Guide leverages a health IT networks existing facilities mapping infrastructure to deliver genomic maps at scale.

For Health IT Administrators

DNA Guide allows organizations to apply rules for managing interpretation and access down to the base pair level for various types of user groups. DNA Guide's security mechanism allows for quick audits of massive data sets and provides a foundation for deploying real time patient consent.

For Researchers and Pathologists

DNA Guide enables enterprise-wide spatial/topological analysis across multiple tracks of genomic data along with the ability to easily add annotation for complex selection sets of markers at the entire genome level..

For Health Services Providers

DNA Guide places genetic data in an intuitive format along with key word search capabilities allowing for quicker adoption by medical professionals - making DNA analysis and interpretation more accessible and less expensive.

For Patients

DNA Guide enables patients to participate in the management of their genetic data.  DNA Guide structures information access so that the proper level of guidance is offered the moment a patient goes to access any marker of their genetic data.

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